What differentiates “traditional” wealth management from “individual” wealth management (special mandate)?

In our wealth management mandates, you delegate all investment decisions for the strategic focus as well as the operational implementation to our securities experts so that you are unburdened of all questions with special consideration of your personal initial position and wishes. We make a distinction here between two investment concepts:

Our traditional wealth management starts with an amount invested of EUR 1 million. You have the option of having your wealth managed in five different risk classes: Fixed income, defensive, balanced, growth and stocks.

Individual wealth management starts with an amount invested of EUR 2.5 million. This involves bespoke solutions featuring an investment strategy developed with our experts and mutual elaboration of your personal investment guidelines. This includes, for example, defining the individual tactical allocation for each asset class in your portfolio, or the exclusion of individual issuers/industries/currency zones or regions.

How does wealth management work at LUNIS? Do I have to make a direct transfer of the investment amount?

LUNIS is not a bank and does not hold any accounts. LUNIS Vermögensmanagement AG is a financial services institute and has the approval from the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority [Bundesanstanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht], also known as BaFin, to provide financial services in the areas of financial portfolio management, investment consulting, and asset and acquisition brokerage. You hold your accounts and securities deposits at the bank of your choice. Our partner banks are UBS, Comdirect Bank AG, V-Bank AG and DAB BNP Paribas. We have arranged for very good terms and conditions for all of our clients with these banks. As an independent wealth manager, we receive a limited special power of attorney from you as well as a framework of action so that we can manage your portfolio accordingly. With our power of attorney, we can act on your behalf to effect the securities transactions you would like. The power of disposition over your wealth remains with you.

More and more people trust their wealth to an independent wealth manager and are turning their backs on banks. Why is this, and what do wealth managers do differently?

High costs, sales pressure, high staff turnover, lack of transparency and offering only in-house products have eroded the trust clients once held in their banks.

For us, trust is the basis for managing assets. We earn our clients’ trust with our knowledgeable consulting and expertise. We feel first and foremost obligated to you. The investment office, where our many years of financial market expertise is focussed, is not subject to internal or external guidelines in the making of investment decisions and in the development of investment strategies. With investment research that is done independent of any bank, we are free from conflicts of interest and we focus the selection of investments solely on the needs of our clients. Our investments follow a stringent, transparent investment process that offers an attractive track record. With investments primarily in individual equities and bonds, we offer you a transparent investment structure on both the stock side as well as the fixed income securities side

Because your portfolio is held by our partner banks, the resulting regulatory responsibilities are incurred by the respective bank As a result, we can work with a lean corporate organisation and offer you an attractive price for our services.

Open communication is our highest priority. You always receive a detailed description of our wealth management decisions and the current composition of your portfolio. We transparently explain which transaction was effected when and which fees you have paid. Out reporting can be individually configured according to your wishes. We are also happy to provide you with a forecast on the future strategy for your portfolio in the form of a monthly capital market commentary.

The Euro crisis, the corona crisis and other crises are unsettling to me as an investor. Is LUNIS the right partner for me in times like these?

LUNIS is one of the largest wealth management firms in Germany with about 50 employees who have amongst them more than 20 years of industry experience.

In rough seas, such as the current situation in the capital markets, it is important to chart a good course. The capital markets are focussed more and more on short-term developments. This results in capital market inefficiencies which we exploit with our flexible and dynamic investment philosophy. Our team can make swift decisions even in difficult situations. In banks, complex working processes generally permit only a slow adjustment to changing overall conditions. This frequently goes along with a rigid structure for the investment quotas, which is why it is oftentimes not possible to respond with flexibility to opportunities as well as risks.

What investment is required to make use of the family office services?

As a family office client of LUNIS Vermögensmanagement AG, you have assets of more than EUR 5 million consisting of a cash position, real estate and securities portfolio, corporate investments, art and classic cars. We see ourselves as a strategic partner and assist you in all matters. If you wish, our services can include the selection and monitoring of external portfolio managers as well as other service companies (e.g. tax advisors and law firms). For services that are not among our areas of expertise, you benefit from our external network of specialists.

How do I become a client of LUNIS?

We would like to get to know you in person, and recommend that you arrange an appointment in one of our six offices in Germany. In the initial meeting, we will get a picture of your personal situation, your expectations and your goals for your financial investments. Together we will develop an asset structure that meets your expectations. It is important to us that you understand what happens with your assets. Opportunities and risks must be in harmony with your expectations. After elaborating on your risk tolerance and your personal situation, our advisors create an individual investment proposal for you. In so doing, we make use of the extensive expertise of our investment office team. The investment concept presented in the individual investment proposal can then be used in the next step as the basis developing a wealth management contract.


Together we can preserve and increase your assets in the long term. Rely on our competence and experience.